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About Athlos

Hi there!

Former collegiate athlete turned marathoner I’m well aware of the stress placed on the body from maintaining a rigorous training routine. Constantly, we push are body to it’s limits in search of that extra step. When we were young, bouncing back between workouts seemed quite effortless. Years later I realize I must make a conscious effort to recover if I wish to perform at my best.

Two years ago I was introduced to the benefits of CBD. Almost immediately I noticed improvements in sleep and over all mood. However, I still felt something was missing. Knowing better judgment, I still had the urge to turn to the medicine cabinet to sooth achy joints and calm muscle fatigue. As an endurance athlete these pains come with the territory but supplementing with NSAIDs can not only curb recovery but may also lead to other health related concerns later in life.

In partnership with Rachit and Adit  (avid cyclists) we set out to create a CBD product specific to address the needs of endurance athletes. A product that addresses the inflammation from physical activity along with benefits of a quality CBD product. Our products are made with integrity, promise to deliver maximum potency and are tested for safety. Join us in training smarter and pushing yourself to become better with Athlos CBD.

Seth (@mindfulrunz)