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Whole-Plant Hemp Extracts (CBD)

Athlos’ whole-plant hemp extracts come from the resinous flower of the cannabis (hemp) plant and contains the various cannabinoids that are naturally occurring within cannabis. It is the source of CBD–the key active ingredient in all of our products that more and more studies are suggesting various positive effects that may make it an essential supplement for athletes.

For details specifically about CBD and its multiple uses, please read our primer on the subject: “What is CBD?”.

To source our extract, we partner with Root Bioscience, a North Carolina based bioscience company specializing in the extraction and formulation of cannabis products. Root Bioscience works directly with farmers to carefully select sustainably grown hemp plants, processes them directly onsite, and–using pharmaceutical grade processes–further distill the extracted crude hemp oil to create our full spectrum and broad-spectrum extracts.

What is full-spectrum hemp extract?

The full-spectrum extract contains more than just CBD–in fact, it is just one of the hundreds of cannabinoids and terpenes that the full spectrum extraction process can capture and concentrate. Working together, the synergy of these compounds results in the “entourage effect,” potentially increasing the therapeutic benefits of CBD alone. Put simply, the benefits of all the plant parts together are more significant than the individual pieces alone, which is why we choose not to simply mix in CBD isolate into our formulations.

We chose to work with Root Bioscience to source our full spectrum hemp extract, because they go a step further to remove unwanted fats, waxy lipids and other non-essential plant matters that can typically be found in lesser quality extracts. This ensures that all Athlos CBD products contain the purity and potency that we promise.

How is broad-spectrum hemp extract different?

In summary, broad-spectrum hemp extract is a full-spectrum hemp extract with the THC removed. All of the other compounds captured in the full spectrum extraction process are still available, so there is always a high potential for the therapeutic entourage effect. The big difference is that athletes can be safe in incorporating broad-spectrum extract into their training without the potential risk of THC exposure, as many sports organizations still prohibit any amount of THC found in testing.