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Five Reasons Athletes Should Incorporate CBD Into Their Pre/Post Workout Regimen

Of the many reasons people turn to CBD, a non-intoxicating compound found in cannabis; athletes also see benefits from its use. Incorporating CBD into a pre-workout routine may help improve results. CBD is also a beneficial tool to incorporate for post-workout regimens as it may enhance the body’s ability to recover.

Let’s look at some reasons CBD can benefit your pre and post-workout routines:

Improve your post-workout recovery with CBD

Many people turn to CBD because of its anti-inflammatory effects, making it a perfect choice for athletes experiencing sore muscles after an intense workout.

One study found CBD capable of reducing bodily inflammation and pain while increasing mobility in subjects with multiple sclerosis. These results are promising as they show CBD may be a key component of reducing pain and inflammation, including muscle soreness, which happens after working out.

CBD may also be beneficial for providing relief for athletes who are recovering from an injury. Incorporating it into a post-workout routine can mean less pain after working out and potentially improve overall recovery time.

In one study, researchers submitted rats to incision pain and then monitored their response with the use of CBD. Researchers found “support to the notion that the sensorial and affective dimensions of pain may be differentially modulated by CBD.

Pain relief as an alternative to NSAIDs and opioids 

Studies have found that athletes are taking a lot of NSAIDs to manage pain from their athletic endeavors. Opioids and other relievers are also commonly used to manage sports-related injuries and allow athletes to continue performing.

However, there are many adverse side effects from some of these pain relievers, with some of the worst side effects extending into addiction. With the knowledge that CBD may reduce inflammation and pain, athletes can potentially use CBD as an alternative to other painkillers to manage their pain.

Studies have found CBD may reduce opioid cravings in former users, making it a promising alternative for athletes who rely on painkillers for relief.

Relief from pre and post-performance and anxiety

If you’re an athlete, you’re probably all too familiar with the jitters and stress that can come from waiting for a big game day to roll around. If you’re prone to anxiety, you may spend the aftermath of a performance feeling stressed and anxious about what you could have done differently.

Nervousness and post-game evaluation are important, no doubt. But if this interferes with your performance or becomes too strong, it can impede your athletic performance. 

CBD’s effects on the 5-HT1A receptor make it a promising anxiolytic that can help relieve pre and post-performance anxiety.

Improved sleep for better recovery

One of the most important aspects of good health and recovery is restful sleep. If you’re an athlete, this is crucial to achieving optimal performance. If lacking restful sleep, your performance is going to tank.

Researchers believe CBD plays a role in tryptophan production, which converts to melatonin, a sleep-regulating hormone. Incorporating CBD into your routine can help improve sleep, which will allow the body to reach optimal recovery.

Since CBD may help relieve anxiety, it can also be a useful tool in achieving better sleep, considering late-night racing thoughts are often responsible for keeping people awake when they want to sleep.

Potential for improved brain health

When it comes to athletic performance, the last thing you want is to have a brain injury. While concussions and other brain injuries happen from time to time in sports, they should always be taken extremely seriously. Studies have also found that long-lasting harm can come from brain injuries in sports, even after the athlete has recovered.

While more definitive research is needed, the neuroprotective qualities of CBD may assist in recovery and protection from brain harm. The Concussion Alliance says, “current research is pointing towards CBD serving as a neuroprotectant, possibly helping the brain heal from concussions.” We still need more research to back this up, but it’s promising so far.

The bottom line

While everyone should do their best to improve their health and keep themselves well, athletes have to focus even more attention on their body to avoid injury and stay in shape.

CBD may be a useful tool for athletes to incorporate for both pre and post-workout regimens alongside other healthy choices. Athletes may find relief from pain and better recovery with the use of CBD, as well as improved sleep, less anxiety, and even potential protection from brain injuries.

If you’re looking to start a healthier routine for your pre and post-workout regimen, incorporating CBD Tinctures may be an excellent place to start.

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